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About Non-Fall Elevator


With the application of the Split Nut Track Linear Motion Pair technology and the Embedded Spiral Lifting System, Shengshi elevator has effectively solved the safety accidents and hidden danger of crash, uprush, gliding downward with door open and getting stuck in the elevator.

Advantages of safe elevators

Embedded Lifting Platform

Embedded Lifting Platform

Compared to the Traditional Traction Type Lifting System, Non-Fall Elevator uses Embedded Spiral Lifting Platform that completely eliminates risks such as Top Crush, Falling, Slanting Ladder and Stuck Ladder. This ensures safe operation of elevator

Manual Operation

Manual Operation

When elevator encounters fault stop, or in case no power supply, it can be manually operated for safe landing.

Dual Power Supply

Dual Power Supply

Features seamless switch to UPS when encounters power outage that will keep the elevator running for 4 to 6 hours.

Application case show

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