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Company Culture


Gemar International believes that global vision, social responsibility, human-oriented spirit, and innovative minds are essential to create and provide our stakeholders the highest quality of life, which is rested upon the dynamic and sustainable way of living that adheres to environmental conservation.




PEOPLE: Limitless possibilities

TECHNOLOGY: Transform the lives of communities by sharing the value of Science and Technology

ECOLOGY: Harmonious coexistence of people and environment, integrated with Industry Ecology




Esteem the heavens and uphold morality, achieve benefits and observe

A Principled Heart and Conscience as One’s Guide

Promote Integrity, Honesty and Contribute Good Values to Society.



Gemar will strive to elevate the quality of life in terms of safety, convenience and reasonable cost in the construction industry.


Gemar International redefines the concept of building construction through the realization of safe, highly-efficient, and energy-saving materials brought about by smart and leading-edge technological breakthroughs. Gemar will endeavour to strengthen modern infrastructure development by continuously and conveniently providing sturdier, earth-friendly, economical, quick build systems, advanced protective, naturally cooling technology, and the latest, safest elevator system.



One Hundred Years of Ecology


Gemar International esteems the harmonious coexistence of mankind, technology and nature, believes in engaging the ecological communities of customers and industries in pursuit of totally green and low (to zero) energy consumption products, to promote the common growth in the ecological circle and realize the corporate vision of responsible, responsive and sustained business.

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