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Gemar International Philippines Corporation is a fast-rising dynamic provider of innovative and environment-friendly products established in the Philippines on March 17, 2017. It progressively carries out research, development, production, distribution and marketing of highly-efficient, zero-energy consumption, totally green and leading-edge products including pre-engineered light gauge steel building walls, radiative cooling system and 20-year durable ceramic coatings.

2017.03.17  GEMAR INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES CO., Ltd. was founded


2018.11.22 Signed Exclusive Distributor of Colorado, USA-based RADI-COOL Radiation Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd in the Philippines


Gemar strives to elevate the quality of life in terms of safety, convenience and reasonable cost in the construction industry.

Gemar International redefines the concept of building construction through the realization of safe, highly-efficient and energy-saving materials brought about by smart and leading-edge technological breakthroughs. Gemar endeavours to strengthen modern infrastructure development by continuously and conveniently providing sturdier, earth-friendly, economical, quick build systems, advanced protective, naturally cooling technology and highly durable, acid, water and fire resistant, US-FDA safety level coatings for almost all types of interior and exterior surface.


One Hundred Years of Ecology.

Gemar International esteems the harmonious coexistence of mankind, technology and nature, believes in engaging the ecological communities of customers and industries in pursuit of totally green and low (to zero) energy consumption products, to promote the common growth in the ecological circle and realize the corporate vision of responsible, responsive and sustained business.


【Radi-Cool technology】

     The only zero energy consumption refrigeration technology in the world.

     The core research achievement of the Chinese American scientist Ronggui Yang, which was published in the February 2017 issue of Science, the top international technology journal, has also been featured in the world’s major media publications such as Forbes of the United States, Economist of the Britain, Atmospheric channel, Scientific American, Science and R&d Magazine. The research has attracted extensive interest in the international academic community, the industrial and commercial circles and the general public.

     Without electricity use, Radi-Cool lowers down temperature by 10°C to 30°C - allowing comfort while reducing electricity consumption by up to 60%.

      December 2017:  Physics World Top 10 Breakthrough 2017

      December 2017:  The Economist’s ten most popular articles of 2017

      January 2018:  Radi-Cool super material technology introduced in Ningbo, China

      February 2018: Ningbo Radi-Cool Co., Ltd. Was incorporated


      May 2018:  Ningbo Radi-Cool institute for Energy and Environment Solutions was incorporated.

     December 2018: The construction of cooling film workshop was completed, and the large-scale production of the  

     cooling film was officially started.

      2019:The successive research, development and production of the derivative products, which includes coating,  

      textile, and the waterproofing membrane and other similar uses.


      Through the emission of some kind of infrared ray of a specific band, the Radi-Cool material features a highly efficient thermal transmission channel between the surface of the earth and outer space to achieve the radiative passive cooling function. The material can cool objects even under direct sunshine and can keep cooling without energy consumption continuously, thereby functioning much like an invisible air conditioner.

       Radi-Cool material can be widely used in various industries, including airports, commercial structures, warehouses, residential buildings, cold storages, low temperature materials, cold chain containers, outdoor mechanical and electrical boxes, PVs, automobiles, outdoor sunscreens and other similar applications

【Gemar Ceramic Coatings】

     A German Nano Technology highly durable, versatile new-generation, paint and top coating which beautifies and protects any surfaces. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, lead, etc. It is non-toxic, harmless, green and environmentally friendly, meets the standards of contact with food.

    Thes Nano-coating products have passed the most stringent U.S industry FDA (US National Food and Drug Administration) certification, German LFGB test certification, EU ROHS "Restrcition of the use of certain hazardous substances in electricla and electronic equipment directive" test and REACH test.



Founded in 2017

Comprehensive multinational group company


It has 7 major industries

New technology


Has served more than 1000

Business and users



Major technological breakthrough
Technology has changed life


People-oriented, building a house for the heart. Dedicating society to yhe benefit of mankind


Guarding the natural ecology.
Create an industry ecology
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