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About Kelaida Pre-Engineered Light Gauge Steel Building Assembly System


Kelaida Pre-Engineered Light Gauge Steel Building Assembly System is an environment-friendly and quick-build construction process of digitizing and programming the approved architectural or engineering design of a house or structure into the computer, streamlined production in the factory, and then quickly assemble the panels on the construction site. The production materials are mainly made up of C-shaped light gauge steel structure and EPS granules, which are energy-saving, environmental-friendly cost efficient, and conforms to the industrialized standards of assembly-type buildings or communities.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Light Steel Gauge Building Assembly Building

Green environmental protection

Green environmental protection

Production process without waste water waste gas, housing architecture materials can be 100% recovery, wallboard repeat utilization rate was 80%

The construction is convenient

The construction is convenient

Plate light weight (reduce weight of 40%), transportation is convenient, dry operation, high safety, less artificial, short time limit, easier then.

High cost performance

High cost performance

The Pre-Engineered Light Steel Gauge Building Assembly Building is termite-proof building that can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and a wind pressure up to 240 km/h wind. It can survive a fire duration of 3 hours and can isolate sound up to 65 db.

High efficiency and energy saving

High efficiency and energy saving

Pre-Engineered Light Steel Gauge Assembly Building features excellent temperature isolation, which determines its high efficiency energy saving that cost 5-10% compare to the traditional houses. During summer, the room temperature is not higher than 28 degree without aircon.

Application case show

Structure and construction

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