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ceramic coating

Gemar Ceramic Coatings is a German Nano Technology highly durable, versatile new-generation, paint and top coating which beautifies and protects any surfaces. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, lead, etc. It is non-toxic, harmless, green and environmentally friendly, meets the standards of contact with food. learn more about Gemar Ceramic Coating

The Radi-Cool radiative cooling metamaterial features a high solar reflectivity and a high-infrared emissivity accros the atmospheric window. It establishes an efficient radiative heat transfer channel between the object and the cold Universe. Without additional energy input, the metamaterial cools object even under direct sunlight. learn more about Radi-Cool


Gemar Polyaspartic Waterproofing is a new generation of polyurea currently used in heavy duty waterproofing.Slow reaction, high property, environmental friendly coating material. learn more about Gemar Polyaspartic Waterproofing

gemar grainrass

Fifty years ago, China discovered a wild grass with medicinal value in the mountains of Bazhou which can live and survive under harsh conditions such as very hot and cold temperatures. Through grafting, breeding, and tissue culturing with the use of other grasses with deep roots, GRAINRASS can grow faster and taller and now be cultivated in a large area. It can now be used to feed livestock, treat diseases and enhance the immune system. learn more about Gemar Grainrass

anti heat coating

PRINCIPLE OF HEAT INSULATION/PRESERVATION. Technological revolution and subvert tradition. • LSPR Effect (Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance)​, • Energy Transform, • Thermal Energy. learn more about Gemar Anti-Heat Coating


Gemar Ultra Waterproof is a non-corrosive waterproofing solution that deeply penetrates on the surface. It reacts with the water to form crystals that block the paths preventing water leaks. It can be applied directly on wet surface. It is suitable for direct spray application or combined into cement or soil mixture. learn more about Gemar Ultra Waterproofing





LAST FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS. Provides effective and long lasting waterproofing with a customized color feature.learn more about Gemar 2 in 1 Decoration and Waterproofing

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