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Gemar Dynamics

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Arrangement of Gemar in the High-end Real Estate in Philippines

Source : Gemar official website       Release time:2019/08/15



      The management team of Gemar International have recently conducted ocular site visits of Philippine residential and commercial properties in line with the corporation’s plans to introduce a new, eco-friendly, quick build and durable construction system. The corporation is heavily investing in the highly advanced production equipment of the 3D custom-made fabricated building system, which are being set-up as well as several technical experts from the China corporate headquarters will be tapped to provide training and support. Other support and related equipment will be transported to the production base in the Philippines to strengthen and complete the fabrication operations in the near future.


          Early this February, Gemar International has chosen Kelaida Co., Ltd. Hebei, one of the leading technology groups in green fabricated construction field in China, as its collaborative partner. Working closely together, this partnership will usher into the Philippines the latest in construction technology which offers environmental protection, energy savings, wind and seismic resistance, super thermal insulation and shortened construction period.

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