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Gemar engineer attend ling qinzhou training headquarters

Source : Gemar official website       Release time:2019/08/15


            Gemar International is the exclusive agent of Radi-cool new energy product in Philippines. On Aug.2, two engineers named Marvin Estrellanes and He Xianming of Gemar participated a 3 days’ training held by Radi-cool in Qinzhou Guangxi. This was the third training and exchange activity being joined by Gemar, the first two times were On Janu.18 in Shenzhen and Feb.16 in Ningbo.

           The trainees listened to the trainer’s explanation and conducted actual operation. One of Radi’s overseas returnees was assigned as Marvin's teacher. Through the serious learning of 3 days, the trainees mastered the construction technology comprehensively and their operation skills have also been promoted thoroughly. After returning to Philippines, they will be responsible for the training of Gemar’s technicians and constructors to provide high quality constructions for the customers.

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