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Pay attention to the latest developments of Gemar International

Gemar, real estate exhibition media attention ground-breaking trends of science and technology

Source : Gemar official website       Release time:2019/08/15


         The annual Real Estate Expo Manila (REEM) was held at the SMX Convention Center from September 6 to 8, 2019. The expo conference brought the latest trends in real estate and construction related services to investors, practitioners, and professionals alike.

         Gemar International, being a new exhibitor easily, attracted media attention due to their products ecological value and technology. Gemar International introduced two new products, Kelaida 3D custom-made fabricated building system and the Radi-cool products. Pre-fabricated buildings have become the new trend in constructing new buildings in advanced countries, which functions take advantages of environment protection, faster turnover, less construction hazards and waste materials and precision assembly among other advantages. In China, the State Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development has issued documents to vigorously promote the pilot work of constructing steel construction fabricated buildings, and have also mandated as standard rule of the proportion of the area of the fabricated residence.

        Kelaida 3D custom-made fabricated buildings can withstand strong typhoons, strong earthquakes, strong heat and moisture, good sound insulation, fireproof, is recyclable and environment-friendly. Its distinguished thermal insulation property can withstand and well suited for the Philippines’ hot weather. In addition, the pre fabrication system requires only very little cement and sand and can be finished in half a month by a few workers without pollution during site construction assembly.


        Radi-cool technology can realize constant cooling without energy consumption. This research achievement has been published in the top academic journal of the world Science and has been awarded by British institute of physics as one of the Top 10 Breakthroughs in Physics World 2017. At present it has been applied in the United States, Japan and China. After its introduction in the Philippine market, this high technology product will make significant impact on cooling in the field of construction and energy conservation.

       The two products offered by Gemar International are breakthrough innovations which have excellent value in environment protection. They can also help provide better solutions for the energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry, which is also one of the topics emphasized in the REEK exhibition.

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