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Gemar Dynamics

Pay attention to the latest developments of Gemar International

Gemar International is ready for Booming with its Science and Technology Products Stage on the Expo

Source : Gemar official website       Release time:2019/09/09

        In the recently concluded Real Estate Expo at SMX Convention Center from September 06 to 08, 2019,  The Gemar International has obtained a lot.


        Gemar International President Xinyu Huang who introduced and promoted the Radi-cool technology and Kelaida 3D pre-fabricated building system was interview by different media groups such as ABS-CBN, GMA Network, El Comercio, among others.


Gemar International had an outstanding performance in the Real estate Expo with their highly accessible location in the trade show and their impressive expo booth. The multimedia presentation of the products were played and looped in the prominently placed LCD display which has also caught much attention of other exhibitors. Many representatives from the developers, buildings material suppliers inquired with employees of Gemar, and some businessmen from Philippines, Taiwan and Japan expressed their willingness to visit the company and discuss service and cooperation after understanding the products. In addition, some exhibitors were amazed with the Radi-cool Hat featured and bought some during the exhibition.


        Twenty-six Kelaida full production line instruments loaded in four 40′ OQ containers will be transported from port of Tianjin, China on Aug.25th and arrive at the North port of Manila on Sept.10th, and be installed and debugged at the production base of Gemar International. At that time, the main part of Gemar International industry is expected to bring a steady development of the corporation.

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